Hello and welcome to the online home of artist Cyril Parfitt!

Cyril Parfitt (February 6th, 1914 – October 20th, 2011) internationally renowned artist, designer, solider, cartographer and character whose work has been exhibited and sold all over the world.

Cyril was able to utilise many different techniques, mediums and materials to create his original images including gouache, water colour, poster paint, airbrush, photography and sculpture.

Cyril has appeared on television, radio and magazines as well as having sold work to the rich and famous with a large quantity of his work held in private collections across the world. Today he continues to have a wide fan base to this day.

Cyril led an extremely full and varied life, worked as a graphic designer until joining the army at the outbreak of World War II. He was eventually posted to Wales where, due to his obvious artistic talents, he drew up detailed invasion maps. Here he established a close friendship with renowned artist Terence Cuneo.

Cyril was a man of many rare talents which included teaching himself German so as to read Goethe original texts. Cyril continued to paint at the age of 97 at his home in Thanet, Kent, up until his death in October 2011.

This website is set up and run by his family and you can find out more about us here.

Cyril Parfitt aged 96

Cyril Parfitt aged 96